01 December 2005

New Blog Design

Hey it's been over a year since my previous redesign of the site (July 2004) so I guess it's time for some change around here.

This time the change is only in Guy's World and I tried to clean up some of the mess here and go for a more minimal look.

The biggest change is the post borders (that you've probably noticed by now unless you're reading this via RSS) that are a simple rounded border instead of the previous bulky frame.

I also reduced some of the colors on the page and tried to stick with the blue/orange theme.

The ads have also changed a bit mainly to match the color theme and the ads at the top are in a new format that seems much more useful.

They are now links to ad categories instead of actual ads so you get more relevant results although it takes two clicks by a user for me to get paid (one click on the ad category and a second click on the ad itself).

Hopefully the increased usefulness of the ads will make up for the extra clicks that it takes.

I'm still not fully satisfied with the way it looks (I never really am :) especially since the old navigation links at the left look like the old design but it may take me a while to update those too.

Enjoy the new look (until next time...).