30 May 2006

29 May 2006

20 May 2006


Launchy is a new utility that I ran into that has made its way into my list of must have applications.

Launchy is a free windows utility designed to help you forget about your start menu, the icons on your desktop, and even your file manager.
Launchy indexes the programs in your start menu and can launch your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks with just a few keystrokes!

This little app saves me the need to reach for my mouse every time I want to launch something on my PC. Using Launchy all I need to do is hit ALT+Space, type the first few letters of what I want to launch, and Launchy does the rest.

Very small, very cool, very useful, and very free!

Here's a little tip that I came up with for those who use Launchy: create a folder in your Start Menu with shortcuts to folders that you often use. That way you can easily use Launchy to open a file explorer directly in the folder that you want (your downloads folder for example).

Use something like this in shortcut to open the Windows file explorer in a desired folder:
%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n, /e, C:\Downloads