25 April 2005

Image Quiz

The Image Quiz is a quick online game that shows you several images that are the result of searching Google images for a specific term and you have to guess what the search term was.

So if, for example, you see lots of different clown images you guess that the search was for "clown" (pretty simple concept ah?).

You have 3 guesses (after each guess you see different result images) and after that you are shown the correct search term.

Great just what I need, another way to waste time...

22 April 2005

Pixar Headquarters

This lucky guy had a chance to take a tour of the Pixar headquarters.

He wrote up a piece about what he experienced there including a few cool pictures from the inside.

If you don't feel like reading everything that he wrote then at least scroll down and look at the pictures of the offices there.

It turns out that the animators can do whatever they want with their spaces and a lot of them didn't want cubicles so instead Pixar found little cottages that they bought for them.

Talk about a dream job...

06 April 2005

Netfirms Hosting

If you're interested in knowing what web host I've been using for guymal.com (for the past 5 years) it's: Netfirms.

They've been pretty much flawless throughout the years and their support has been good in the few times that I've needed it.

I've tried out quite a few web hosts over the years and totally recommend Netfirms for their great web hosting plan (at a reasonable price).


05 April 2005

Save Toby

For those who didn't run into SaveToby.com yet: the guy who created the site found this cute bunny that was attacked and injured by a cat. He nursed Toby the bunny to health but unfortunately Toby will die on June 30th, 2005.

He's threatening to eat Toby unless visitors donate $50,000 to him!

The site has several bunny recipes (with some pretty graphic images), has a "Save Toby" online store, and accepts donations via PayPal.

He's currently raised $20,375.18!!

And just to balance things out (how typical for the Internet) there's even a Kill Toby site made by a group who wanna see the little bunny die.

You gotta love the Internet!

[via EdAdkins.com]

02 April 2005