16 February 2008

iPhone Experience

This is the list of things that I found wrong with the iPhone after a few days of using it.
Don't get me wrong, it's an excellent device, with an outstanding user interface, but is missing a few things.

Some of these are just me being picky but others are a real pain and should have been addressed by Apple (like the battery that can't be replaced).

Here's the list:

  1. No copy/paste
  2. Can't use standard headphones without an adapter
  3. Every mp3 file cannot be a ringtone (you need to manually convert on iTunes to AAC, rename the file bla bla...)
  4. Email doesn't have landscape mode
  5. Video files can be added as "TV Shows" in iTunes but only TV shows purchased through iTunes can be viewed on the iPhone
  6. No easy way of dragging photos onto the iPhone. You can drag photos off through the "Apple iPhone" in the Windows file explorer but you can't add photos through there. The same interface should be used for copying photos to and from the iPhone
  7. No spell check
  8. No Gmail app that uses IMAP for always on synchronization plus utilizes unique Gmail features like labels, stars, message threads... You can currently either use the native IMAP feature on the iPhone but then you don't have the unique Gmail features, or use Gmail's iPhone web interface which gives you all the unique features but doesn't automatically check your account (you could leave the browser open but that doesn't really work).
  9. iPhone doesn't appear as an additional hard disk on your PC (like the iPod does)
  10. No zoom in camera
  11. No video in camera
  12. No camera flash
  13. No voice dialing
  14. No speed dialing
  15. No 3G
  16. No games like the latest iPods have
  17. No flash in Safari
  18. Can't change the from address when replying to an email
  19. Notes aren't synced with Outlook notes
  20. No sync via bluetooth
  21. Battery can't easily be replaced
  22. Can't mark video as "unplayed". Once you play a video for even a second it is marked as played.
  23. Ringer isn't loud enough
  24. No mode for viewing emails without images (saves bandwidth and for privacy issues)
  25. No email templates
  26. No built in voice recorder
  27. Safari "tabs" don't load in the background, you can only have one tab load at a time (for some reason the tabs also blank out when you leave Safari instead of just showing the last visible screen)
  28. No backspace in calculator to erase just the last typed digit
  29. No week view in calendar
  30. Can't see full name of video file
  31. No on screen visual indication of silent mode
  32. When alarm is snoozed you can't turn it off
  33. No remote for iPod
  34. Very hard to pause music when using standard headphones (not original iPhone headphones)
  35. Very hard to make a phone call while listening to music
  36. No Bcc in email
  37. Can't set different checking intervals for different email accounts
  38. Battery suddenly dies without any warning
  39. Bluetooth drains the battery
  40. Setting up iTunes to sync properly to Outlook contacts and calendars is a pain. The different contact folders (groups) and calendars occasionally do not appear in iTunes (I still have no idea how to sync multiple Outlook calendars).
  41. Can't sync with multiple Outlook PST files (only works on the default PST file)
  42. No way to setup one way sync for calendars (to only have Outlook update the iPhone but not vice-versa)
  43. Apostrophes in Outlook calendar events appear as '' in iPhone calendar
  44. No native to-do application (that syncs with Outlook)

Ok, so call me picky, but you can't use standard headphones, no flash for camera...? C'mon!
Got anything to add to this list? Post it in the comments...