12 January 2006

Teddy Bears

I ran across this nice "alternative to flowers" site: Vermont Teddy Bears.

The bears there are dressed up in different outfits, like a biker bear, bear in jeans, skateboarding bear, Elvis bear, playmate bear...and the list goes on and on.

Seems like a really great gift idea but too bad the bears there cost WAY too much (we're talking about teddy bears that cost around $100!).

Cool gift but too rich for my blood.

11 January 2006


Stereotypes is a collection of photographs where you can mix and match the top and bottom parts of different portraits.

The results look very good and are really seamless.

Give it a look, it's worth it.

09 January 2006

Mute Karaoke

Do you ever get that urge to sing Karaoke in the middle of the night, but are worried that you'll wake up the neighbors?

Me too!

Apparently many Japanese people also have this problem so they invented this ingenious device:

"start spreading the news..."

04 January 2006

03 January 2006

Segway Centaur

Everybody knows how cool a Segway is.

But if you really want to turn some heads then you gotta get a Segway Centaur.

The Segway Centaur is a concept ATV made using the same technology as the regular Segway.

That makes one cool ATV!

Since it's electric then it's very quiet and thanks to the Segway magic stuff in it, it's quite agile and very maneuverable.

Put me down for one when it comes out (if it ever does)...

02 January 2006

Cellphone Song Identification

The best way to use an application that identifies songs that it hears, like Tunatic, is to always have it with you in your cellphone.

AT&T Wireless is offering exactly that in the US (this type of service has already been available in Britain).

It's very simple: when you hear a song and you don't know who it's by just dial #43 (#ID) on your cellphone, hold the phone near the speaker for 15 seconds, and they'll send you an SMS with the name of the artist and the name of the song.

For now it's free but later on they'll start charging $0.99 for each time you use the service.

01 January 2006

Windows Live Mail

Thanks to this trick I was able to get a Windows Live Mail account for free - no invite needed!

(Windows Live Mail is the new (FINALLY!) version of Hotmail)

My first impressions of the new interface is that it doesn't look as slick as I'd expected it to look and (currently) it's not nearly as fast as Gmail.

The entire site looks a bit premature and not yet ready for use.

It does have a calendar there, that Gmail is currently missing, but I'm sure that the Google Gmail guys are working on that as we speak.

The one thing there that is a breakthrough, especially coming from Microsoft, is the right-click context menus that have never before been used in a mainstream web application.

Other cool features that I noticed are drag and drop of emails into folders and automatic spell checking when writing an email, like in Word (the coolest new thing that I noticed).

Bottom line: nothing there made me really say "wow!" (except for the trick I used to get access there ;).

Chocka Ca-Ca

Nothing like starting off the new year with some toilet humor :)

Chocka Ca-Ca is a real baby diaper with a piece of chocolate fudge inside.

(The fudge is shaped like a... uh... well, just look at the photos.)

I didn't want to scare away any first time visitors here so I didn't post any pictures of the unique diaper, but take a look for yourself...