01 January 2006

Windows Live Mail

Thanks to this trick I was able to get a Windows Live Mail account for free - no invite needed!

(Windows Live Mail is the new (FINALLY!) version of Hotmail)

My first impressions of the new interface is that it doesn't look as slick as I'd expected it to look and (currently) it's not nearly as fast as Gmail.

The entire site looks a bit premature and not yet ready for use.

It does have a calendar there, that Gmail is currently missing, but I'm sure that the Google Gmail guys are working on that as we speak.

The one thing there that is a breakthrough, especially coming from Microsoft, is the right-click context menus that have never before been used in a mainstream web application.

Other cool features that I noticed are drag and drop of emails into folders and automatic spell checking when writing an email, like in Word (the coolest new thing that I noticed).

Bottom line: nothing there made me really say "wow!" (except for the trick I used to get access there ;).