23 July 2006

Pole Position Commercial

This is an original commercial for Atari's Pole Position (one of my favorite games back in the day, before they came out with Outrun).

Check out that guy at the beginning of the commercial:



"You look like a real jerk!"

"Well, I *am* a corporate executive."

Pure classic!


Blind Spot

This simple site demonstrates what a big blind spot we all have in our vision.

Turns out that our eyes fill in what's missing so that we normally don't notice our blind spot.

There's a simple exercise on this site that shows you exactly where your blind spot is.

Weird ah?

16 July 2006

Petals Around the Rose

The name of the game is Petals Around the Rose and the name is important.

Here are the rules: the computer will roll five dice and ask you to guess the score for the roll. The score will always be zero or an even number. Your mission is to work out how the computer calculates the score and become a Potentate of the Rose.

I can give you one clue: the name of the game is important.

After the page loads click on your browser's stop button to stop that annoying background music.

14 July 2006

12 July 2006


McDonald’s latest move in the fast food breakfast battle is a new billboard in Wrigleyville.

The new billboard features a real sundial whose shadow falls on a different breakfast item each hour until noon, when the big M shadow is in the center.

Check it out:


08 July 2006

Lego Art

Turns out that not only is knitting an art but in the right hands a bunch of Lego blocks can also turn into masterpieces.

Nathan Sawaya is a professional LEGO artist who has created quite a few Lego sculptures.

And we aren't talking about your standard Lego spaceships and towtrucks.

This guy has created a Lego human head, Lego globe, Lego Ferrari, Lego Xbox 360 and PS2 controllers, Lego Death Star...

He's even created some pretty big Lego sculptures of things like the Brooklyn Bridge, a huge Monopoly Box, and a life size Han Solo in Carbonite (the guy really is a geek :).

Check out his site.