28 June 2006

21 June 2006


VirtuSphere is a new solution for total immersion in a virtual reality world.

Once you step inside the VirtuSphere and put on the VR goggles you can actually walk around in the virtual world.

This thing could be pretty awesome for military training and virtual touring of different locations but the killer application would most definitely be gaming.

Bring on Doom...


20 June 2006

Socket PC

This socket is actually an entire PC that includes a VGA port, 4 USB ports, an audio and a microphone port. The CPU is an AMD RISC processor which is the equivalent of a 1.2GHz Intel processor.

And get this: this computer is so energy efficient that it is powered solely over ethernet!

If they could squeeze in a decent hard drive it would pretty much be the ultimate "desktop"

And you thought the Mac Mini was small :)

[Via Gizmodo]

16 June 2006