25 May 2011

Leaving Conduit

After nearly seven amazing years at Conduit, I have decided to leave the company and pursue other ventures.

This journey started in a room with a small group of all engineers that quickly grew to an outstanding company with over a quarter of a billion (that's right, with a b) of monthly users and a network of hundreds of thousands of publishers. A dream come true for anybody trying to create something online.

Screenshot of an early version of the Conduit homepage
One of the first versions of the Conduit homepage

Over the years I've had the privilege of being involved with many different aspects of the company at different stages: from hands on technical roles, to dealing with our very first customers and users, marketing to the long tail, managing support, product definitions, meeting new prospective publishers, leading product, and the list goes on and on.

This experience has been life changing and gave me the rare opportunity to accompany a company from it's inception, throughout the different stages, the ups and downs, up to a huge success story with hundreds of millions of users and a multi million dollar revenue stream.

I would like to thank all the great people who I've worked with over the years at Conduit and am sure that they will continue to make this company a true game changer.

What now you ask?
(ok, maybe you didn't ask but I'll tell you anyway)
Over the past few years, we've all seen the explosion in the mobile web space. Instead of saying "here's an idea for a startup" people now say "here's an idea for an app" (I even unknowingly tweeted this a few months ago http://bit.ly/l8I6Jm). With the easily accessible platforms and infrastructures we currently have, I believe there is a lot of potential for solving problem with the mobile Internet, and that's what I plan on doing.

I've partnered with Shai Wolkomir, a serial entrepreneur but most importantly an old friend, and together we plan to change the world. Or at least have fun trying to do so.
We've assembled a small but very capable team that will give us the ability to try out our ideas and quickly see what works, what needs refining, and what should be thrown out.

The first product to hatch out of our nest is Props which is a way for people to give recognition to people for things they are good at and get the respect they deserve.

So far it's getting a lot of great responses from the people who saw it at TechCrunch Disrupt and we have a lot of plans for it.

So without any further ado: go install it and let me know what you think :)



  1. Hi Guy, I've 'known' you for a while now due to Conduit. I wish you good luck in all that you do. You are a very talented 'guy', so have no doubt that whatever you put your hand to will be a big success.

  2. Good luck Guy! Can't wait to see you do amazing things @mobile worlds..

  3. Good luck Guy.

    As someone that made the jump to the mobile apps space just a few months ago I can tell you that this will be a hell of a fun ride. Enjoy it. That's the most important thing.

  4. Good luck Guy, expecting great things from you!
    Oh, and I would change that "About Me" title you have above, seems kinda obsolete... :)

  5. Thank you all guys!
    Yea I know Roee, so many things to do :)