29 October 2004


Before you go to 4restore.com guess what you think it's for...

To me it sounds like some sort of backup solution or maybe a service for restoring old photographs.

Quite the contrary my friends.

4Restore.com restores a certain part of the male anatomy that is sometimes, um, removed at a young age.

Let's just say that Jewish men are potential clients...

That's right, 4Restore are "dedicated to addressing important unmet health needs of foreskin restoration"!

And if that's not enough for you here are a few more gems from their front page:
  • "FDA approved medical graded Stainless Steel"(I don't even want to think about that one)
  • "As with any exercise program, first consult with your health-care practitioner" (EXERCISE program??)
  • "One Year Warranty".

I'm actually quite scared to click on anything on that site cuz I don't want to run into any pictures that may give me nightmares.

22 October 2004

19 October 2004

Why Blogs?

For those who still don't understand blogs and keep asking "why would I want to read what somebody ate for breakfast" there's an interesting "conversation" over at WebProWorld about the importance of blogs, corporate blogs, why blogs are important for search engine optimization and improving your search engine results, and marketing by using blogs.

It may be a bit long (and I admit I didn't read everything there) but you do pick up some pretty interesting stuff just by skimming over the page.

There are also links there to some personal blogs like Jonathan's Blog (who looks like a young dude with a ponytail but just happens to be the President and Chief Operating Officer of Sun Microsystems) and some other big shots' blogs.

18 October 2004

Mailing List?

You probably didn't notice, but I removed the Guy's World mailing list a few days ago (if you did notice then you win a free 21 hour day pass to Google.com).

Mailing lists are sooo 2001 and we don't want to be stuck in the past now, do we?

Anyway, the real reason that I removed the list from the site is because it was just too much of a hassle to prepare the issues.

Since we are almost in 2005 and if you haven't seen the letters RSS you probably haven't been using the web for a while (or maybe you're just not a geek :), then just add the Guy's World RSS feed to your favorite feed reader or click here to add Guy's World to your My Yahoo page and you'll always be updated with the latest and greatest from Guy's World.

People, it's time to advance to new "technologies" and leave those old trends behind.

Who knows, maybe in a 10/20 years we also won't see any more fax machines (I doubt it)...

10 October 2004


Do you suffer from (god forbid) flatulence?

Oohhh, he said the f-word.

According to Flat-D's site: "This product will eliminate your flatulence odor problem as soon as you start using it.".

Heh heh, farting :o)

"Now you can go out in public without fear of embarrassment due to the odor of excessive intestinal gas"

Now get this: it's a pad that fits inside your underwear!

Check out the picture on the site.

Technology rules!

08 October 2004

All Things Ostrich?

Why the hell does Google Adsense think that "All Things Ostrich" is relevant to my site?

Pretty odd ah?

I searched guymal.com to see if I had ever written anything about Ostriches (or birds) but didn't get any results (at least not according to Google).

The web works in mysterious ways...

05 October 2004

Wrapping Up Gnomedex 4

Here's a quick wrap-up of Gnomedex 4.0 before I embark on my long journey home (well, technically I already started it this morning when I drove to San Francisco but the real journey is still ahead of me...).

I met lots of interesting people, most of which made me feel less like a geek than I do in other crowds :o).

There were some great sessions (especially the panels on the future of online advertising and the future of online content), very cool presentations by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Wil Wheaton (the dude who "used to be an actor" ;-), lots of free stuff, and a not so great band.

And here's a shout out to the non geeks among geeks: Ed ("yeah") Adkins, Jason (poker face) Shugars, and Steve (Yankovic!) Chai.

Oh yea, I broke even (up to the very last cent).

(wink wink)

01 October 2004


I've been more or less offline for the past few days since I'm at Lake Tahoe for Gnomedex 4.

Dialup from my hotel room sucks but we do have free Wi-Fi access from the conference which is pretty cool (and lets me blog from the conference with the rest of the geeks ;-).

(I'm also "famous" and got the honor of being the person who is traveling the farthest to attend Gnomedex)