29 October 2004


Before you go to 4restore.com guess what you think it's for...

To me it sounds like some sort of backup solution or maybe a service for restoring old photographs.

Quite the contrary my friends.

4Restore.com restores a certain part of the male anatomy that is sometimes, um, removed at a young age.

Let's just say that Jewish men are potential clients...

That's right, 4Restore are "dedicated to addressing important unmet health needs of foreskin restoration"!

And if that's not enough for you here are a few more gems from their front page:
  • "FDA approved medical graded Stainless Steel"(I don't even want to think about that one)
  • "As with any exercise program, first consult with your health-care practitioner" (EXERCISE program??)
  • "One Year Warranty".

I'm actually quite scared to click on anything on that site cuz I don't want to run into any pictures that may give me nightmares.


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