05 November 2004

New Photo Management

I've given up on trying to use my own software for managing my moblog (due to time restrictions I actually gave up quite a while ago) so I decided to use Flickr.com instead.

What can I tell you: working with Flickr is absolutely awesome.

The entire experience of creating a free account, uploading your pictures, and managing your online photos is pretty close to perfect!

Who the hell has time to work out various random bugs in the system that I wrote??

Now I can easily upload any pictures that I take and you'll be able to see them in my flickr account (if you want to, of course ;).

For now I uploaded all the old Moblog pictures and they are a bit out of order (one of the few annoyances that I encountered with Flickr is that you can't change the order of the pictures that are uploaded).

You'll also be able to see 3 random pictures from there every time you refresh the main page at guymal.com.

Oh yea, you can also use the RSS feeds (RSS 2.0 or Atom) to never miss any picture that I post.


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