18 April 2021

The new site design is here!

 Welcome to the new  design for the site 🍾

I think I had the previous design for about 11 years(!!) so a new  design was long overdue.

This is the 5th major redesign I've done for my personal website since I launched it in 2001.

Thanks to the Waybackmachine, here are some screenshots of the different designs over the years:

July 2001

September 2003
(btw those boxes were transparent so it looked better)

July 2004

April 2010

Whew, that was an eye sore 😀.

I also moved the blog over to blog.atguy.com and created a simple about me page on the homepage.

Let me know if you notice anything wonky with the site, all the old links should still work.

This one will probably be around for another 10 years so get used to it 🤣