30 November 2005

Chitika eMiniMalls

You may have noticed the new "eMiniMalls" on the main page of guymal.com.

I'm trying it out and it seems pretty cool.

The eMiniMall displays information about a product, according to criterions that I've determined (so a gardening site for example will show gardening products), and shows you best deals to get that product if you're interested.

If you click on one of the deals then, of course, I get a few pennies, very similar to the AdSense ads that you see all over the web now (and on my site :).

Here's an example of what an eMiniMall looks like:

Nice ah?

So far the AdSense ads on this site have pretty much paid the bill for hosting it and I'm hoping that this new addition will increase that, while providing a useful service for you guys.

If you want to sign up for an eMiniMall for your own site then follow this link (hey this also helps pay the bills :) :

Get Chitika eMiniMalls

Let me know what you think of this...