15 December 2005

How to Ship Anything

Joel Spolsky wrote up an[other] great article on his blog.

This time it's about how to ship anything.

The whole thing started when the guys at Fog Creek needed to ship a few thousand copies of their new movie "Aardvark'D: 12 Weeks With Geeks" (excellent flick by the way) and they discovered that packing and shipping so many DVDs is much harder than they had expected (since there are many small manual tasks in order to get the package on its way).

So what does a geek like Joel do when he runs into a manual process that is long and frustrating? He builds a system to do it better, of course (and names it FogShip) .

His article describes how he setup FogShip and the different components that it contains.

This thing really makes me wish that I had lots of things to ship just so I would have an excuse to set one of these babies up (I'm sure the Fog Creekers really love shipping things now).