13 December 2005

Konfabulator 3.0

I've been using Konfabulator since it came out for Windows and now, after Yahoo! bought them a while ago, they have come out with version 3.0.

The big deal about version 3.0 is that the popular widgets like the stock ticker actually work properly (weird "new" feature, ah?).

Another big change is that as of this version it's called Yahoo! Widgets and has Yahoo's brand all over it. But hey at least it's free now and works properly (and still looks very cool).

Currently my favorite widgets are:

  • Stock Ticker

  • Picture Frame (for displaying either random Flickr photos or photos from my Flickr account)

  • Weather (probably the most useful widget)

  • Joy Of Tech Latest Cartoon

I also have Wifi Signal, 8-Ball, and Yahoo! Mail Checker installed but don't really use them so I'll probably get rid of them soon.