01 March 2005

World Wind

I run across quite a few programs and very few of them actually make me go "wow" when I check them out.

Even less make me go "yeee haaaa, wadda wadda wooooooo!"

World Wind not only did that but made me play around with it for more than 3 hours straight (till I forced myself to go to sleep since the sun was about to rise soon and this thing called "my job" would be bugging me soon).

World Wind was recently released by NASA (that's right, the same dudes who create those cool astronaut costumes) and gives you a 3D mapping system of earth.

It lets you spin the globe around, select a spot, and zoom in and see satellite photos of any spot on earth (similar to Google's Keyhole, but much better and free).

It also uses elevation data to show you the landscape in 3D and displays place names and borders!

Although it does weigh ~170MB it's totally worth it.

After you install it you can use these link to view some cool spots:


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