06 March 2005

New Site Feed

Site Update:

I've changed all the RSS feed links on the site to use FeedBurner.

FeedBurner does several things (for both you the reader and me the publisher).

First of all it simplifies subscribing to the RSS feed (via various supported RSS readers) so that people who want to read the feed can do it easily (whether they use FeedDemon, MyYahoo!, Bloglines, or any other reader).

Second it gives me stats on how many people are subscribing to my RSS feed (so that I can get a feel if this is even worth my while :).

In addition it enhances the content of the feed by incorporating any feeds that I have into one feed. That way you can see any pictures that I post in addition to regular posts that I make to Guy's World.

And finally, it also saves you the trouble of having to understand the difference between different versions of RSS and Atom, there's just one link that supports all formats!

So if you want to subscribe to the new and updated feed here you have it:

and here's the icon that you can find around the site:

(if you're already subscribed to the old version I recommend that you switch over to this one instead)


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