29 April 2010

2010: Products I Can't Live Without

Here's my list for 2010 of products that I absolutely can't live without (inspired by Mike Arrington's list).

These are all products that I use daily and either make my life easier or more fun (and are not trivial like my fridge and car).

This list is a current snapshot of my favorite products, I think the interesting part about it will be to look at it in the future and see how it changes.

Here we go:

  • Gmail - you know what this is
  • Google Reader - this and twitter are my main source of news (no tv, radio, paper, or news site)
  • Twitter - no explanation needed (I hope at least)
  • Facebook - ditto
  • Zenbe lists - great iPhone App and web application for managing and syncing tasks from the iPhone and web 
  • SplashID - password manager for the iPhone and desktop
  • Flickr - where I store all my photos, including those that I post to Twitter
  • iPhone 3GS - marvelous device
  • Google Docs - where I create and store all my documents. I still use MS Office for Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Dropbox - great free solution for automatically backing up any files I want, syncing them between computers, and accessing them from anywhere in the world
  • Eztv - pretty much my only source for watching TV shows
  • del.icio.us - where I store all the sites I may want to find again in the future
  • Google Maps - use it all the time, especially when abroad
  • Skype - use it mainly for saving on the phone bill, occasionally for IM
  • Foursquare - ok, I could live without this one but I use it all the time
  • Plancast - for letting people know what events I'm attending and to discover what events I should attend
  • Digg - main way of seeing what's hot and finding cool stuff
  • TechMeme - main way of keeping up to date with tech news
  • AppShopper - how I track iPhone apps that lowered their price
  • Blogger - the service I use to host and manage this blog
  • Jango - great way to list to music I like online (used to be Last.fm till they started charging money)
  • bit.ly - URL shortening service with very useful tracking information
Since the iPhone is such a big part of my day to day, here are the iPhone apps that I can't live without:

  • Waze - free turn by turn GPS application
  • Boxcar - how I get Twitter reply and DM push notifications
  • IM+ - how I get gmail push notifications 
  • NoteMaster - app to edit and view Google Docs on the iPhone
  • qStatus - app to easily update Twitter

Feel free to post yours in the comments...

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  1. I would like to have punctuation check on my spell check. Thank you Theresa