04 August 2006

Play Online Games

Who doesn't like to waste a few minutes (or hours in some cases) playing online games?

By installing the free online games toolbar that I created you can play online games directly from your browser whenever you want.

It lets you play lots of popular games like Tetris, Zuma, Lemmings, Connect 4, Backgammon, Bejeweled 2, Sudoku, Chuzzle, Alchemy, Atomica, Pacman, Mahjong, Beetle Bomp, Battleship, Insaniquarium, Air Hockey, Space Invaders, Mini-golf, Luxor, Cubis and lots of other board games, arcade games, puzzles, card games....

It's free, just takes a few seconds to install, is entirely safe to use, and is totally addicting (trust me, I spent hours "researching" games to include in it ;).

Spread the word guys!