31 August 2005

Fog Creek Copilot

I just tested out the new service from Joel Spolsky's Fog Creek, Copilot.com.

Here's what it is:
The Fog Creek Copilot service allows people to help their friends, relatives, and customers fix their computer problems by connecting to their computers via the Internet.
Unlike other remote assistance services, Fog Creek Copilot is secure, easy to use, works through any home or office firewall , and requires no installation or configuration.

In one word: amazingly simple (ok, that's two words, sue me :).

In about just two minutes and 4 clicks (two for the helper and two for the helpee) you can control the other person's PC, without any configurations or them having to have any technical knowledge.

You just enter the email of the person you want to help and run a small program that you download from copilot.

The person who is being helped gets the email, clicks on the link to download a small program and that's it, you're controlling their computer!

You can try Copilot out for a two minute session for free but if you want to use it for longer you need to buy a day pass (that costs $10). I know, that's pretty expensive but they say they'll be coming out with other pricing schemes soon.

BTW: Copilot was created entirely by 4 summer interns at Fog Creek and version 1.0 took them 10 weeks to get out the door. Great job guys!