14 September 2004

Usenet Monster

I just signed up for a new Usenet account at UsenetMonster.com.

For about a year I had an account at Sonic-News but my account expired a few days ago and I could find out how to renew it!

I sent them several emails asking how I can renew my account (that costs $3.99 per month) and those dumb-asses didn't answer me!

So I started searching for a Usenet provider and decided to go with Usenet Monster.

Not only do I get more gigs per month (5 gigs per month with rollovers for any remaining gigs vs. 100MB a day at sonic-news) but it also costs me less ($2.95 vs $3.99).

I already downloaded several hundred MBs and everything seems good (I hope it stays that way...).